Torton Cake

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Product Description

Our signature celebration cake with a top layer of plain sponge, a bottom layer of chocolate sponge with a layer of sweet cream in centre. The Torton cake is finished with a choice of sweet crumb or multi-coloured sprinkles, piped and iced on top.

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We would advise all novelty cakes ( cake with an edible image on top) to be ordered for the day on which you intend to serve it. 


For approximate serving advice see below:

6 x 9″    14 servings (not available with custom photo)

9 x 10″    18-24  servings

12 x 9″    28-32  servings

17 x 10″   40-48 servings

12 x 18″   56-66 servings

17 x 20″   75-80 servings